About me

I’m currently studying for an MA in Public History with an aim to hopefully work within the archive sector. This blog is here to be a place for me to post about things that interest me about history and other things. Mainly, I’ll be focussing on post-war America because I’m fascinated by it – mostly due to its focus on modern history since I find early history very boring and very white/imperialist.

During my undergrad I got to focus a little on American history which is a breath of fresh air when all you’ve studied up until that point is WWI and WWII. So, I like to spend my spare time listening to podcasts and reading articles about it. Then I thought, why not contribute a little myself, and then spent around about 3/4 months dealing with my anxiety around the fact someone actually might read it. But, ignoring my existential dread about someone finding out about this, I decided to just go for it.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment or tweet me.